The Ultimate Guide to Tailor Your Life

Nina Garcia states on of the things a style icon knows to be true is “A good tailor.” While most know to edit their closet to what suits their trend of the moment, shop at a thrift store for vintage finds, or spending money on quality basics; many forget about the fit. She believes this enough to state: “A good tailor is one of the most important people in your life.”

Humor me for a second: look at your favorite clothing Pinterest board or pinner. Look at the fit of all of their clothing. Does everything seem to miraculously hit at exactly the right spot? Does the entire silhouette flow together, instead of looking like choppy layers? Does anything bunch funny around the ankles or around the middle?

Chances are, the answer is no to each of these questions. If you’re like most women, you can’t say the same for your wardrobe. However, it’s so easy to achieve these looks with a little bit of time and effort.

How I Learned to Sew

I was lucky enough to grow up with a sewing machine. I even made my prom dress when I was a junior in high school. I taught myself everything I know on Pinterest (it’s where the addiction all began!).

My introduction to sewing began on a dark, dark Christmas where all I wanted was the latest video game. Instead, my parents had other ideas. They surprised me with a sewing machine in 6th grade. I begged them to take it back. Almost 10 years later, I’m so thankful they surprised me.

To this day, I’ve been able to create complete unique looks from frumpy old lady dresses from Goodwill. Since high school, you could say I’ve had a problem with having a similar look to anyone else in the room (The only exception to this has been sorority recruitment and football game days). For me, sewing and tailoring my clothes became part of how I created my identity.

Note: I’m apologizing now for the lack of pictures. I recently pulled these things off of Facebook.

Because I am comfortable tailoring my own clothing, some of the tips below are from my dear friend, Emma. If I could steal anyone’s closet, it would probably be hers!

Why Should You Tailor Your Clothes:

  • 👗 Creates a more flattering, professional look
  • 👗 Saves money down the line by keeping the integrity of clothes
  • 👗 Makes Target and Old Navy look expensive
  • 👗 Creates a better fit for off the rack clothing
  • 👗 Feels more comfortable with off the rack sizing

Tailor Your Clothes If It…

  • 👗 Bunches on the ground, gaps funny, or hits your waist strange
  • 👗 Will be in your closet for years
  • 👗 Is a work basic that will be worn often
  • 👗 Is an easy fix to buying another, similar article of clothing

How to Begin the Process

  • 👗 Start by asking the store you’re purchasing at if they work with a tailor
  • 👗 Look at Yelp for reviews on tailors, demonstrations on their work, and potential prices
  • 👗 Start with a simple fix that has time to see exactly how you like their work
  • 👗 Realize tailors are like boyfriends, you won’t always find the best one on the first try
  • 👗 Decide on the cost and timeline before you hand over the garment
  • 👗 Bring the shoes/accessories/undergarments/etc you would be wearing for the right fit
  • 👗 Purchase a size or two up so they have room to work with extra fabric
  • 👗 Ask questions!

Below, I’ve found some of the best articles on Pinterest on how to DIY the tailoring process. You can also use these articles to describe to a tailor what you would like done to your own closet.

Have you had something tailored, or did you DIY your clothes? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!


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