5 Ways to Streamline Your Notifications

5 Ways to Streamline Your Notifications | Simply, AMEN

What does it mean to push things to the infamous cloud? For most, it means getting your notifications and documents anytime, anywhere. I love being connected, however, managing the connections are how I stay sane. Information at our fingertips is the highlighting factor of the “have it now generation.” So how can you use this to your advantage?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a number of notifications you have on your phone after stepping away for a few minutes at a time? I will step away from a class and have 5 text messages, 4 emails, and countless other notifications. It’s become a running joke when I wake up in the morning that I have more notifications than most of my friends get all day.

Here’s how I manage to make notifications and the cloud a benefit to my day instead of a distraction:

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Google Keep

I love using Google Keep instead of post it notes! I’m notorious for forgetting to bring my post it notes with me when I need to go somewhere. Google Keep is a great way to organize tasks, checklists, and things to forget. Plus, you can color code them. What’s more to love?

Key Use: I use Google Keep to track my grocery lists. I start by filling out my meal planning worksheet (available in my Resource Vault). I then transfer my grocery list to a checklist within Keep. This allows me to keep everything in the cloud, check things off as I go, and not forget my grocery list.

Pro Tip: You can archive Google Keep posts just like an email. If you find yourself making the same lists week after week, simply tag and search. Voila, less work to do next time.

5 Ways to Streamline Notifications | Simply, AMEN

Here’s what my Google Keep currently looks like.

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MightyText is totally for my Android users. Sorry, iPhone users but you get iMessage. MightyText allows you to check your phone without being at your computer. This is great for using your phone while it’s across the room.

Key Use: I love using MightyText when I need to get off my phone but still reply to someone important. For example, when I’m writing a post, I hate distractions. But sometimes, I need to figure out where my friends and I are going to eat for dinner. This allows me to control when I’m going to reply without distracting me from all of the other notifications.

Pro Tip: Confession: I hate when people send me links on my phone instead of over Facebook or Email. I’m not a fan of reading in-depth articles on such a tiny screen. Instead, I pull things up on Mighty Text and read it like it was Facebooked.

Amazon/Google Photos

I just found out that Amazon offers a free photo service to Prime members! This is perfect if you’re running out of space on your phone or need to archive the pictures from your freshman year of high school.

Key Use: I love going through my pictures on a bigger screen, just like links! I quickly flip through everything once I take multiple pictures to see which ones I want to keep. It’s a great way to keep track of what I want to post next on Instagram or send to others in the photos. I try to keep a lot of things off Facebook, so this is a great medium to share with those involved without broadcasting to the entire world!

Pro Tip: Depending on how many pictures you take at a specific location, Google will automatically compile a story of your adventure. I love this picture because somehow they magically take all of my favorite pictures and automate it to something pretty. This was the perfect way to share the highlights of my road trip to Philly/The Poconos/New York for Spring Break.

Google Docs

As you may be able to tell, I’m slightly obsessed with all Google Products! I love their products mostly because of their integrations. There are some occasions where you need a document here and now but don’t have the option to use your computer. Enter Google Docs.

Key Use: I used Google Docs from my phone a lot more in college than I have in post grad. The best use I found for Google Docs were to transfer documents back and forth during group projects. When GroupMe is going off about someone not being able to fix a problem, it was nice to reference the problem from my phone and reply quickly.

Pro Tip: Google Docs formatting doesn’t translate well to Microsoft word. If you’re using Google Docs to send things like resumes and cover letters, it’s best to have a PDF and Word version in the cloud before hitting send.


I’ve only recently started using Evernote. Before, I imagined it to be a less useful version of Google Docs. However, I’m starting to get more into it when I write longer lists. Google Keep is great for bullet items. If you’re planning things out for longer term or changing formats constantly, Evernote is a much better option!

Key Use: I started using Evernote when I started to do more strategic planning for Simply, AMEN. I have different notebooks set up to automate my notes just like my paper notebook. However, I love that I can access my notebook from anywhere without having to lug it everywhere. My most recent addition to Evernote was a quick idea for a future post while at breakfast with one of my sorority sisters!

Pro Tip: I discovered this Pro Tip through Elle at Wonderfelle. Only recently have I started using hashtags on Instagram. Elle taught me to keep different sets of hashtags in one note. I then copy and paste things over as needed! It’s so much easier than locating everything in a Google Doc.

5 Ways to Streamline Notifications | Simply, AMEN

Here’s what my Evernote currently looks like

In a nutshell, this is how I try to keep my time on the phone at a minimum while still getting work done. Do you use any of these platforms? If so, what’s your favorite Pro Tip?

  • Hi Anne-Marie,

    Love this post! As you probably know, I’m a huge Evernote fan, and thanks for linking to my post! I’ve heard lots of great things about Google Keep but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I’ll have to take a look now.

    Thanks again!

    • You’re welcome, Laura! Evernote is fantastic, thanks for such a great post! Google Keep is definitely one of my favorite Google products. It even made it onto my Favorites page: http://www.simplyamen.com/favorite-things/

      You might find a few more things to love there!!

      Thanks for stopping by,